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Youth Planet
Protector Organisation
Unleashing The Potential Of Science For A Sustainable Future
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About YPPO
About YPPO
YPPO represents:

Y outh
P lanet
P rotector
O rganisation

The number of members of YPPO has now reached
students inhabitat in
nations distributed all over this beautiful planet.

The YPPO was founded by Fabian Schneider (right) and Rami Aly (left) in 2016:

The first collaborative community project named
aims to deploy probes in ocean cycles to transmit real-time environment data.
YPPO still needs country leaders, representatives and members from:

▶  Canada
▶  Iceland
▶  New Zealand

If you love science, the planet and want to make an impact, join now:


YPPO is a completly non-financial Organisation. Our members are between 12 and 24 years old.
Time until the next transmission of sensor data.
The YPPO strives to unite youths throughout the world to foster stronger scientific impact in current debates on global issues. Since the protection of our planet requires a fundamental understanding of the earth - our common ground - we encourage young people's innovative ideas and attitudes to approach environmental problems. Members of YPPO collaborate within our network to unleash the potential of local as well as international projects that raise awareness of the critical situation of our environment and develop scientific solutions.

The latest international project supported by the YPPO community is named CONCEPT: Collaborative OceaN CyclE ProjecT.   CONCEPT aims to deploy probes in distinct ocean cycles to continuously measure various parameters possibly influenced by climate change. The measured data is transmitted daily to the YPPO server and visualized on the YPPO front page in real time. This publically accessible data will allow you to follow general ocean dynamics and ultimately the long-term process of climate change.
Realtime Position and Sensor Status
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5 C°

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